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From mega-influencers that can appeal to millions, to macro-influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers, from micro-influencers who have tens of thousands of followers and whose interaction with their followers is based on mutual trust, who can contact their audience one-to-one and have the power to direct them, few but; Hundreds of phenomena, from nano-influencers to a core group of followers, take part in GrowbyShare's excellent collaboration program. #everyonehere #whereareyou

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The interesting lives of individual users, their focus of expertise, creative sharing of products and the agenda caused them to reach hundreds of thousands of followers in a short time and their posts to receive millions of interactions. It didn't take long for brands to perceive user-generated content as a new marketing model. Because this meant a magic touch to C2C, which is one of the most effective ways for the sales figures and brand awareness that a brand aims to achieve after many years...



From fashion to cosmetics, travel to health, fitness to food, games and entertainment to electronics, you can respond effectively to your target audience with influencers and social media phenomena who can respond to all the needs and expectations of your industry and make your voice heard with the right words and methods; We provide you with a result-oriented, impressive and unique marketing campaign by bringing together professional social media influencers who experience your...



First of all, we start by defining the goals and target audience that your brand or product wants to reach with the social media campaign. After determining the sectoral trends and your goals in a concrete way, we choose the most suitable influencers from our portfolio and create your campaign strategy that will meet your expectations and ensure that your campaign is carried out successfully. We act with the awareness that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for a strategy to work...


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Deliver your brand or products to the right target audience with the right collaborations and add value to your digital presence.

Hundreds of Influencers from Different Sectors

Reach social media phenomena from various sectors, from clothing to cosmetics, from education to the stock market, from sports to travel.

Effective Marketing with the Right Strategy

By designing your promotions, we ensure that you reach the right target audience through excellent collaborations.

The right audience, the right results

By defining your target audience correctly, we choose influential phenomena for you.

Let's make your promotions or advertisements.

Increase the value of your brand, products or company by working with influencers that appeal to your target audience.

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